So you’re engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! So you’re wondering if eloping might be for you?! I have been so fortunate to be able to capture some incredible elopements for my clients and I’m excited to share some of the benefits of choosing to elope VS having a large wedding.


This is such an exciting time in your lives but now you’re getting 20 questions about the where, when, and all the things that go along with wedding planning. 

Here are 4 Signs Eloping Might be for You!

  1. Traveling and exploring new places is something you absolutely love.
  2. You want to make your special day very intimate
  3. The thought of having to plan a big wedding is already making your head spin
  4. You’re thinking about throwing out the rulebook to celebrate your special day your way


You’re in the right place! Elopement experiences are one of my FAVORITE things to photograph and I’m pumped to share some details with you about why you should consider an elopement experience!

Elopement experiences allow:

✨The couple have the opportunity to really take control of their special day. 

✨Eloping helps to expand the couple’s ability to choose a destination that they wouldn’t normally think of if they were only looking for wedding venue locations.

✨This allows the couple to save money while still creating incredible memories 

✨Provides the opportunity for the couple to say their vows in unique locations with backgrounds that are jaw-dropping. 


Can you imagine exchanging your vows with the love of your life having the background of half dome be the setting that starts your journey as a married couple? 

Want to know what your exciting elopement could entail? 

Hiking up mountains in your wedding dress, Saying your vows overlooking an epic view at sunrise, picnicking in nature for your first meal, jet skiing on the lake, eating cake on the dock overlooking the lake, and running in meadows and taking romantic photos

☝? Allll of these memories + more being captured all day so you have photos of a lifetime!!! Which is the reason why so many of my couples have opted for an elopement this year is because they are UNIQUE.

So often traditional weddings can easily make you and your partner (well your whole family) feel stressed & overwhelmed. And that’s not what you want right?

Elopements aren’t only known as a less stressful option for you and your loved one but they’re also:

⛰ Intimate – It’s you and your fiance in a beautiful location, soaking in the stunning scenery together

? They make for drool-worthy images to cherish for life

? It’s adventurous – where you have more options for gorgeous and prettier locations

? Less expensive, providing you options to spend money on things that are important to you!

As an Elopement Photographer I have learned a thing or two about the planning side and I want you to have the best experience EVER.

Have questions about eloping? I would love to connect and hear your love story and what you envision for your special day. You can find more details here about my elopement services here or connect with me on Instagram!










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