We Want to Elope…When Do We Tell?



If you’re reading this, you’ve likely got a sparkle in your eye…and on your left hand.

As a fiancée, there is also likely a myriad of beautiful ideas and details of your wedding swirling in your head crowding out most other rational thought. Whether it took you years to get that ring bling or it’s been a whirlwind romance for the ages, we’re all still that little girl with bridal dreams and a pillowcase for a veil. Only now it’s real, and the one thing you know right from the start is that you want the perfect elopement.


Oh, the rush and the romance of eloping! There’s the excitement, the secrecy, the guaranteed intimate ceremony…and there’s also all the questions about how to do it just right so your Aunt Sue doesn’t stop speaking with you for life. Your first question is probably about kissing and telling…before or after your elopement. 

Traditionally, couples embraced the beauty and freedom of eloping without sharing all the deets. Today, it can go either way, but most importantly, it needs to be YOUR way. What matters is that your day reflects you and also doesn’t leave you with any regret. Go with your gut and don’t have any guilt. This is YOUR day. And maybe the best part of eloping? Not having ten bridesmaids, a million opinions, and all the drama.

So, here are three great options for you to consider what and when to share. 

1️⃣ If you want to spread the joyful news ahead of time, sing it to the proverbial mountaintops! 

2️⃣ Send a chic photo announcement out after to share the captured magic of your big day. 

3️⃣ Have your perfect I do’s and the big reception a month or more later to share the love.


The best part? It’s completely up to you. Your minimalist self might only want an officiant and a witness each. Some couples want a handful, or a dozen, of their people right there for the big moment. More than anything, make it true to you so you make your memories happen just the way you always dreamed.

Here’s the thing, just like big church weddings were all the rage for decades, elopement is now, more than ever, becoming a popular way to wed without all the fuss. Your elopement is yours to tailor as you will, from the when to the where to how much you share. It’s about the two of you making a unique, beautiful beginning to the rest of your happily ever after.    





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