Weddings and Children- Do They Mix?

Anyone who knows weddings knows that despite the excitement, joy and the perfection of beautiful decorations and details all coming together, it’s the people that make the wedding. Your long-awaited wedding day might actually be that hoped-for scenario of everything working out as perfectly as a tv wedding or it could be that something goes quite wrong (like when the DJ your MIL hired is cheap and uses free Spotify. *cringe*). Either way, you want the right people, your people, there for you. 


So, the first thing to consider when thinking about if your wedding should include children, is who your people are. It all depends on the ages and stages of life your guests are in, so think on that. Some younger brides might have besties that don’t have kids yet, and this might not be an issue. Others may find that a majority of the makeup of their guest list have kiddos, and that, my friend, is a gamechanger. 


You need to consider things like cost, the vibe you’re going for, and maybe how your favorite people will feel if you ask them not to bring their beloved babies. Like any thing, there are pros and cons to contemplate. Below I’ve given you the lowdown on the good, the bad, and the important thing to know. 







The Good

    • The adorable factor. Wedding days are made for warm fuzzies and little ones often have that effect. Watching the wonder of a wedding through their eyes definitely gives people all the feels.
  • Best. Photos. Ever. There’s something iconic and unforgettable when wedding photos capture the joy of a child experiencing your big day. It’s their big eyes staring up at the cake. It’s the toddler dancing on her daddy’s shoes. Sometimes the most treasured pictures of the day are the ones with the kiddos taking it all in.
  • Bring on the fun. Kids having a good time bring a sort of magic to the room. Having happy little ones twirling around the dance floor definitely brings out the kid at heart in the rest of the guests.


The Bad

    • All. The. Noise. Kids are unpredictable beings by nature and that means more unexpected things can happen (think meltdowns or a moment being interrupted by a loud preschooler making fart noises. You get the point.)
    • More bodies = more bucks. It might sound pretty, but by cutting kids out of the calculations, you could find yourself footing a lot smaller bill. It’s something to consider if things are tight
  • Bye, Bye, Bye. One of the hardest parts of a wedding day are the goodbyes. Weddings guests that are parents may leave sooner due to bedtime, and that’s a bummer.


The Most Important

  • No wrong answer– “You do you” has never been more aptly applied than considering the universal truth that your wedding day is about what you want. So think about it, yes, but like all other aspects of your wedding, go with your gut and feel good about whatever you decide.

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