There’s a magic in the redwood forest that’s unlike anywhere on earth. Maybe it’s the way the light filters through the towering red trees with branches high above or the forest air that’s alive, fresh, and still, somehow, serene. If you have dreamed of being surrounded by the wonder of the woods as you say, “I do,” and this may be the perfect place for you. 


You might be like me, always ready to be lost in nature seeing something new. The vivid colors in the redwoods, from the red tones of the bark to the muted shades of green leaves, contain a beauty unique to that area. A setting like that with forest floor paths and a canopy of historic trees overhead is something that will set your day apart from the rest. 


So, if your daydreams are dwelling on a woodsy wedding, the great part about this type of destination is that it’s totally doable, whether your guest list hails from So Cal or is scattered across the states. Flying? Both L.A. or San Jose have airports that work. Driving? It’s a mere hour’s drive from the San Jose airport and it’s an easy day’s drive from L.A. or the O.C. (think less than seven hours). 


It’s destination without the difficult. And when it’s all done and it’s time for more fun, there’s plenty of honeymoon hot spots to consider all along the coast. Beachy, surfy Santa Cruz is close, but a variety of sensational spots like Monterey, Big Sur, Santa Barbara are only hours away. All of that adds up to wedded bliss in the woods and beyond, if you ask me.


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